At Jason Baker we design and manufacture handcrafted cabinetry and solutions for projects ranging from the domestic kitchen, through to award winning architectural designs. We are a family run business with our workshop based just outside of Haddington, East Lothian.

Since 2012 Jason has slowly and meticulously built a reputation for producing excellent craftsmanship, under our former name of Good With Wood. Now with a dedicated and enthusiastic team we aim to break the boundaries of what has come to be expected of ‘bespoke interiors’. Using materials to their full potential we can create something truly unique and transform properties in to inspirational spaces. 

The one thing that our clients want most is to express their individuality through their interiors, and for their taste or brand to be reflected in the quality of their space. We think outside the box, offering our clients more flexibility when it comes to material choice and manufacturing techniques, which is why leading architects and interior designers intrust us with their projects time and again. 

We don’t like to put a label on what it is we do. There is so much diversity in design and we like to work on the basis that anything is possible and accept any challenge with complete engagement and dedication.