It all starts with a call, a brief, and a meeting with coffee!

No matter if you’re an architect or main contractor, we like to get to know your project brief, objectives and budget.

  • Budget is key. We know that value for money is always critically important so like to determine a budget early on. This saves time in the process and we can make sure that you get best value for money for your client’s project. 

  • It’s all in the detail. We take your design to the next level and offer a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas, considering and refining every detail to allow for a perfect translation from paper to reality.

  • Rigorous project management is crucial to a successful project. We like to keep in touch with relevant trades who ultimately have a direct effect on our work. We take ownership of our project and understand that communication is essential to a quality installation. 

  • The same hands which make also install. We believe that this is important as the maker understands the piece, and the concept, ensuring an expert installation. 

  • A final check. Once the installation is complete, we arrange a final visit with you to make sure everything has met your expectations.